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Looking for the #1 Rock Hill Carpet Cleaning company? Look no further! Just see our name…we are all about Rock Hill Carpet Cleaning. We will get your carpets cleaner and that fresh feeling will stay for a long time. Why?  We clean DEEP into carpets to get every little speck of dirt or grime out. 

At Rock Hill Carpet Cleaning, we believe in HIGH QUALITY carpet cleaning, over packing our day with jobs. We want to spend time with your carpets to make sure you get the results you are looking for. Check out our $199 Whole Home special. In terms of carpet cleaning pricing, you cant beat that!

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What is our carpet cleaning philosophy?

#1 is customers come first. We love our customers and love getting to know them and their families. Many of our customers stay with us for as long as they own their home because they know we care.

#2 is high quality work. We take our time and get the carpet cleaning job done right. With advanced modern carpet cleaning techniques, we push the bar higher with every carpet we clean.

#3 is family. We are a family run business and we hope to invite you into our family as a long time customer.


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When a home or business owner wants a carpet cleaned, they want a method used that doesn’t leave a sticky feel to it when the carpet is dry. Of course, they also want a safe method used for when their baby crawls around on it. This is the reason carpet cleaning experts are called in when a good thorough cleaning is desired. There are various methods companies use when they come in to clean carpets. Some use a foamy type of cleansing agent that can leave a sticky residue on the carpet once it’s dry. Even though the carpet looks clean, it will eventually have a yellow cast to it.

Another method used by some Carpet cleaners in Rock Hill and Charlotte is the dry method which is a powder type cleaner sprinkled into the carpet fibers and then vacuumed out giving the carpet a good fragrance and supposedly cleaner look and feel. Think again about your baby crawling on the carpet that has a chemical powder sprinkled into the fibers. Some carpet cleaning specialists also use a cleaning method that uses carbonated water to clean the carpet. Since some of these ways to clean a carpet can actually harm carpet fibers and aren’t recommended by well known carpet companies, it’s best to do your own due diligence since your carpet’s warranty may be in jeopardy.

Carpeting is a large investment and most carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning as a preferred method for cleaning the carpet their customers purchase. Carpet cleaning in Rock Hill is much easier to do when it’s done properly using the right method. Carpet manufacturers also recommend having the carpet cleaned before it becomes extremely soiled. For a homeowner, their main concern is that a chemical isn’t used to clean their home’s carpeting.

Usually a truck or van pulls up beside the home and with the van’s motor running, the technicians begin to clean the carpet. They only bring in the tools for cleaning through a window or door upstairs and downstairs. The running motor of the van creates the high power used to draw the soil out of the carpet once it is steamed by a spray of water which may be cold, warm or very hot. The Carpet Cleaning Rock Hill SC homeowners trust the most cleans the carpet safely, without using harsh chemicals that are harmful to a crawling baby, pets and the carpet’s warranty.

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