Carpet and Rug Beautification

What is carpet beautification?

A lot of Rock Hill Carpet Cleaning customers have beautiful old rugs and carpets in their homes that are made to last many more years. Some are families who watched their kids grow up on those rugs but now that they maybe out of the house more its time to bring them back to life. Carpet beautification can make even the dullest carpet or rug look almost as good as the day you got it. Carpet beautification usually involves the following three techniques: fine carpet brushing or combing, carpet cleaning and carpet protectant and sealant.


How to bring a carpet back to life:

Rock Hill Carpet cleaning services Rock Hill SC, carpet beautificationWhen a carpet beautification expert comes to your home the first thing after vacuuming they will likely do is vigorously brush the rug with fine toothed long comb like tools. This will get the carpets strands to stand up straight again, rather than be trampled down after years of “traffic”. ┬áThe strands come back to life and not only instantly look better. But give the rug cleaner an opportunity to get the fibers even cleaner when they are all up straight. When the fibers are trampled down dirt and grime can get stuck underneath.


Next is expert carpet cleaning:

After the strands of carpet have been cleaned and combed it is time to clean them. Whether the Rock Hill cleaner you choose performs traditional carpet cleaning or organic dry carpet cleaning, your carpets will get perfectly cleaned either way. The dry method has a just that, no drying time versus the traditional hot water extraction method. All the dirt, grime and germs will be blasted from the carpet fibers and not just cleaned but sanitized too. Read more about rug sanitizing here.

Carpet Protectant and Sealant

After you carpets are looking and smelling great, it is time to protect them. Some homeowners don’t think about carpet sealant, but the one’s that do are happier with longer lasting clean carpets. Spending the money now on protecting your carpets can save you money in the long run when you don’t have to clean your carpet’s as much.


In conclusion, rejuvenating your carpets is a great idea for the look, feel and health of your home. Trust a professional Rock Hill carpet cleaner like the folks here at Rock Hill Carpet Cleaning. Call today for a free quote on any of our carpet cleaning services. (803) 302-3000

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