Rock Hill Carpet Cleaning Newest Service: Rug Sanitizing

What is Rug Sanitizing?

Rug sanitizing is the process of not just cleaning your carpets but making sure that there are no left over germs or viruses living in the fibers. The goal of rug sanitizing is to completely eradicate the harmful germs in your carpets and this is done by a few different processes depending upon the carpet cleaning company you choose.

Hot Water Rug Sanitizing

With this method, extremely hot water is combined with germ killing chemicals and anti-microbial cleaners in order to blast the germs away. The water is heated to such a degree that the viruses and germs cannot survive. The water is then sucked up with extremely powerful vacuums. This method is often called “hot water extraction”


Natural, Organic Rug Sanitizing

Carpet cleaners in Rock Hill and all over the world are turning more and more to organic methods of carpet cleaning. One of those methods is great for rug and carpet sanitizing. By sprinkling a special compound on the rug and letting it set before vacuuming it away (there’s a little more to it) germs and dirt are soaked up and sucked away forever. It is a very efficient and effective method of cleaning carpets and sanitizing carpets as well.


Summary :

You can easily get your carpets cleaned from a variety of sources. You can even rent a Rug Doctor and try to do it yourself. But only through a professional carpet cleaning company who has the equipment to get the job done can get your rugs completely sanitized. While they may look great after you clean them, the viruses and germs may still be there. Those machines and the steam cleaners for sale for home consumers just don’t get the water hot enough.

Contract a professional Rock Hill Carpet Cleaning company to get the job done in your home or office. Impress your clients and keep your family safe. Call us today for a free estimate (803) 302-3000


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