Carpet Cleaning Techniques

We use the following carpet cleaning techniques to get the job done. We specialize in residential carpet cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning in Rock Hill, SC. Learn more by reading the descriptions below.

Rock Hill Carpet Cleaning, Rock Hill SC 29730

Rock Hill Carpet Cleaning, Rock Hill SC 29730


Traditional Carpet Cleaning

Traditional carpet cleaning or hot water extraction is the old way of cleaning carpets, although steam cleaning can still be effective for specialty area rugs etc. For home carpeting we suggest our dry organic carpet cleaning service. Read more here. 

Dry Organic Carpet Cleaning

Dry organic carpet cleaning is a new way to clean carpets that cuts down on the annoying “drying time” and lets you get back to enjoying your home or office. Organic carpet cleaning gets your carpets cleaner too by soaking up all of the dirt and grime found in the carpets. Read more here. 

High Traffic Area Cleaning & Treating

Get the high traffic areas are one of the most challenging parts of carpet cleaning. We use different techniques to get your carpet fibers to stand up and get cleaned with the rest of their fiber friends! Read more here. 


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