Traditional Carpet Cleaning

Traditional Carpet Cleaning Services

We have a team of well trained and experienced carpet cleaning Rock Hill staff ready to take care of your carpets. We will come to your location, move furniture, clean your carpets and then put back the furniture once we are done. All the work we do is customized to individual needs and situations because we know that no two scenarios are ever the same. We pay attention to each individual stain so that it’s all gone by the time we are done. All carpets will be cleaned from their base to get rid of any dirt and stains permanently.


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Our level of convenience is one of a kind as we not only come to you but we also bring our own cleaning solutions and equipment. We take pride in letting our customers know that we guarantee our work will not damage your carpets in any way and that our staff will always be polite and friendly. We not only offer services, we offer an experience like no other. Many of our clients keep coming back for more because of this experience and you too can be among our happy customers. Contact us today and let us clean your carpets for you.


Carpet Cleaning in Rock Hill SC

Carpet Cleaning in Rock Hill SC

What is Traditional Carpet Cleaning?

  1. Hot water extraction
  2. Soaking rugs with hot water and chemicals
  3. 3-4 Hour Jobs
  4. Sucks all the dirt and grime out of the rugs
  5. Powerful vacuuming

This is a very effective method although it takes a long time and often involves cleaning chemicals.


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